5 Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement

5 Tips To Boost Social Media Engagement

One important metric in social media is engagement. This is the interaction between your followers or just random users on your account. There is a whole lot happening on social media and businesses are struggling for the attention of consumers. So, if you want that attention, you need to be offering value to your audience. Some may think it does not, but engagement helps spread your information further thus increasing the chances of conversions.

If you’re running a social media platform, having your audience interact with your content is very important. If you haven’t been able engage your audience successfully, here are a few tips to consider.

Understand your Audience

One thing that is absolutely necessary before developing a strategy, is knowing your audience.   It is important to understand who the target audience is so that content created on the platform will be suitable, interesting and make them want to engage with you. Running a travel account, you need to be able to appeal to travelers, potential travelers and sometimes even friends of travelers. Understanding who your audience might be at every single point is important to boosting engagement. This question often helps “If I were the audience, would I interact with this tweet?”

Valuable Content

Social media is basically a competition for attention. There are thousands of similar accounts like yours struggling to get the attention of the same people so, it is important that you offer something of value that makes the audience interested in interacting with you and keep them coming back for more. It needs to be useful, funny or engaging in a real manner.


In addition to the first two points, regular activities from your account is a pretty easy way to improve engagement. You need to do it just right, not too often to become a nuisance to the audience and not too little to remain insignificant.

Use of Visual Aid

The average person gets distracted in 8 seconds so, you need to find a way to retain their attention. Illustrations, photos, memes, videos and infographics have had a huge impact on the way people consume information. It has been noted that posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts and posts with videos attracts 3x more links than text-only posts.

Giveaways, Promos and Contests

If you have a decent budget, a giveaway is one of the easiest ways to draw a following and increase engagement with your account. This may be a short term solution to gather following and also increase brand awareness.

These few tips once implemented should have your users interacting with you on a regular basis and at the end of the day, you should be able to have a following that can trust your brand.

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