4 Reasons Why Small Businesses are Hiring Virtual Assistants


4 Reasons Why Small Businesses are Hiring Virtual Assistants

Running a business is no easy task and regardless of size, certain activities such as emailing, scheduling appointments, creating spreadsheets and even writing business communications are common to all businesses. The challenge for a small business is that due to limited revenue, they are unable to hire as many people as may be needed. For this reason the freelance market has grown as well has the high demand for virtual assistants.

A virtual assistant is a personal administrative assistant who works remotely for a number of clients. They are usually self-employed and may also provide technical or creative assistance to their clients. A lot of businesses are relying on virtual assistants to get work done and here are the reasons why;


Small businesses do not have as much revenue as big companies and this limits their ability to hire and retain employees. Hiring a virtual assistant allows small businesses the flexibility to only pay for work done or project worked instead of having a full or part-time employee. There is no cost for an office, health insurance, employee trainings or any other associated cost that comes with hiring a full time employee.


It’s convenient to hire a virtual assistant as they are able to handle your administrative list, reduce your stress and most importantly, allow you to improve productivity by focusing on the business.


Availability does not translate to competence. As a small business, the tight budget may limit your ability to hire the best persons and have them work with you physically.

With that same budget, you’re able to get one of the best hands to work with you virtually. The fact that this is a means of livelihood for your virtual employee, they are willing to do superior work hoping to get referrals.

Multiple Skill Set

Hiring a virtual assistant, especially one that has worked in a wide variety of industries and on a diverse selection of projects, provides you with access to a virtual employee that can offer added insight and fresh ideas that can benefit your projects. Having an educated, new perspective can be a major boost for any business.

If you’re a business owner and have been struggling to maintain your business, it may be time to hire a virtual assistant and actually focus on growing the business and not just running it.

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