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How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

Everyday, we are exposed to negative comments and reviews on social media. Unfortunately, social media is very public and cannot be entirely controlled by you or anyone else. As a business minded person, you must be mindful of the way you react to negative comments. Believe me, we all want to cause a scene and cry ourselves to sleep when we receive a negative comment, but the best way is to address the issue and move forward.

What should a company do?

Respond to all comments:

Whether legitimate or illegitimate, negative or positive, you must respond to all your comments. Keep in mind that your responses aren’t really for the people who left the negative comments—they’re for the outside observers. They stay on the side line and watch how you handle your customers’ complaint.

Think before you reply:

You may receive some very rude and demeaning comments, but your company’s reputation is at stake. Take a walk, blow off some steam, and give a cool-headed reply.

Admit your mistake:

If you evaluate the situation and find out that your business is at fault, admit it. A simple “we're sorry for the experience” is often enough to quell the fire.

Turn the tables:

If handled with tact, a negative comment can be turned into a positive one. Once you have admitted your company’s mistake, you may decide to poke a little fun at your company. Just be mindful about how you insert humor—don’t overstretch the joke. Remember, you're not a comedian.

Take the conversation away from public glare:

This is particularly important if the negative comment is revealing and sensitive. Use a defusing reply like “Mr. X, we’re sorry to hear about your experience and we would be glad to resolve your complaint(s). Could you please email us at so we can help you?” This way, you demonstrate to observers how much you care about your customers.

Invest in a social media expert:

Rather than use automated messages that get triggered off whenever certain keywords are used, why not invest in a social media expert? This is person who stays online all day, analyzes your customer’s comments, and crafts custom, thoughtful messages for each response.

Social media can be a gold mine or a mine field for your business—it’s your pick! Simple decisions like how you respond to a negative comment can be your key to success.


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