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Why Every Small Business Needs A Blog

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Regardless of the critical and invaluable potential that running a blog presents, not too many people are aware of it. Too many small businesses are still stuck at the stage of simply owning a business website, and too afraid to start a blog. According to Stephanie Chandler, author and contributor on Forbes, a static website without a blog is more or less an online brochure.

In today’s world, where social media currently rules, trying to grow a small business without a blog is futile. A blog is essentially a digital marketing strategy for the effective growth of your small business. Trying to go without one will alienate you from numerous opportunities.

Below, we take a look at the opportunities that you are missing out on as a small business.

Traffic Growth and Lead Generation

A blog acts as an avenue to posts quality and engaging content with your target audience. By creating and providing helpful and useful content for your visitors, you are able to meet a need in your niche. Studies reveal that individuals often browse the internet for valuable information.

Google tends to rank content that is fresh and informative higher on the results. Moreover, according to Stephanie Chandler, creating content increases the chances for prospective buyers to find and discover your business. This, in turn, leads to an increase in traffic to your website and blog, and increases lead generation.

In fact, according to Hubspot, small businesses with blogs have been found to experience at least 126% higher lead growth as compared to those without.

Establish An Authoritative Presence

As previously mentioned, Google tends to rank high- quality, fresh and valuable content higher than old and generic content. People are always looking for content that can help solve a problem. While creating content, ensure that you are meeting a need for your target audience.

To make it easier, find a niche that you are more acquainted and knowledgeable in. Share what you know in an authoritative manner that is reputable, transparent and consistent. Within no time, people will recognize you as a go-to resource for the particular niche you are an expert in.

Of course, this lends a hand in creating a reputable and trustworthy business name and brand.

Creating Personal Connections

Recent research confirms that blogs and social media are great avenues to engage and interact with your customers. Blogs also help attract potential customers as previously mentioned.

However, ensuring constant engagement and communication with your audience, you are able to nurture a relationship based on trust. Encourage your customers and followers to ask questions and share their queries and promptly answer them.

Maintain a sense of individuality and do not be afraid to let your personality show. The more human and personal you are, the more relatable you are. This makes it easy for others to trust you and your brand.

Starting a blog could mean the difference between success and failure. Starting and maintaining a blog can be a lot of work. The overall benefits, however, can make all the work, dedication and time put into it worth it.

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