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Top Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Generating Traffic

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

You’ve been blogging for a long time now, yet you have nothing to show for it. You’ve published content after content relentlessly, yet your website generates very little traffic. So, what gives? Why is it so hard to generate traffic to your website?

Admittedly, this is a common problem among numerous bloggers and digital marketers. Fortunately, it’s a problem that can be effectively solved by first recognizing the reasons behind the poor traffic. Below is a comprehensive list detailing the reasons you’re having a hard time increasing traffic to your blog.

Your SEO Is Poor

Search Engine Optimization is what helps websites rank among the top five in an organic search result. However, ranking among the top ten would be quite difficult based on the authority of your blog.

By installing the SEO plugin to optimize your content, your website stands a chance at performing better. This, in turn, Google will be able to recognize your website and help drive traffic.

Poor Content Quality

People using the internet are interested in quality content that is useful and worth their time. If your content is poor, dull and not helpful, nobody will really be interested in reading your work.

According to a number of studies, some people visit websites to get information on a problem. Others visit websites for entertainment or to purchase a product they need. Essentially, your content should be helping solve a problem for your target audience.

After all, content is the sole reason why people come to your blog. Why not make it worth their while?

Using High Competition Keywords

Competitive keywords are the ones that are highly searched for and used by authority bloggers and writers. Usually, they get used by websites such as Amazon and WebMD. Hence, they are likely to rank at the top five from a Google search.

By using high competitive keywords, you are trying to go against the aforementioned websites. By doing this, you are less likely to rank among the top ten due to the authority these websites have already created. Websites such as Amazon are often given first priority.

Hence, target long- tail words and low- competition keywords. This way, you are more likely to rank higher and generate enough traffic to your blog.

Poor Social Media Presence

Huge business corporations and successful bloggers have taken to social media. Why? Recent research reveals that people spend most of their time on social media than any other platform. Hence, by using social media as a marketing platform, you let others know about you and your business/website.

Notably, social media lets you keep your targeted audiences updated on your latest posts instantly.

Less Than Compelling Headlines

You may have written the best content in the world, but without a compelling headline, nobody will click on it. Your headline is like your sales pitch to draw you readers in or capture their attention. It is what determines whether they want to click on it or not since it’s the first thing they see.

Your Website Is Not User- Friendly

A website that is not only user- friendly but highly interactive has the capability of attracting and generating traffic. A user- friendly website is one that adheres to the needs of the readers and viewers? Is it easy to use and navigate?

The more complicated a website is to use and navigate, the less likely people will want to click on your website. To increase usability and user- experience, ensure that you keep to the tactical use of visuals and proper placement of taglines, just mention a few.

Additionally, you need to ensure that your website adheres to mobile responsiveness. Studies have revealed that websites that take a long time to load are less likely to get traffic.

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