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Top Ways to Build Trust With Your Followers

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Top Ways to Build Trust With Your Followers

In today’s world, a world that is driven by the internet and connected through social media platforms, businesses must operate differently. What a business needed to thrive a few years ago, is not what it necessarily needs now. Once upon a time a brand name alone was the key factor to a successful business, today, trust and reputation are the drivers to a brand’s success.

According to, 61% of consumers refer to reviews before they make a purchase. Trust and an enviable brand reputation are imperative. According to, trust is not an asset that can be bought, it must be earned.

So, how do you build trust?

Engage Customers

Every interaction on social media is generally an opportunity to build and cultivate long- term relationships. Today, followers love to engage and interact with brands on a personal level through social media. As a brand seeking to nurture a relationship of trust with your followers, it’s all about being proactive.

To do this, you’ll need to maintain an active social media presence. This way, you’ll be able to immediately & personally respond to comments and questions. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with your followers, their eager to connect with you.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Consistency is imperative when it comes to brand recognition and brand awareness. In other words, what is your brand color, style personality and voice? Whatever they are, ensure that they remain consistent at all times.

This makes it easy for your followers and customers to recognize your brand.

Provide Quality Content

Content is one of the major reasons people visit your website. Quality content should not only be displayed on your blog but on your social media pages as well.

Nowadays days, loading your content with keywords isn’t enough. Your content needs to be fresh, valuable and informative. While providing helpful information, ensure that it is not only detailed but also engaging. This way, you can set yourself apart from your competitors and earn recognition as an expert.

Use and Share Trustworthy Links

As much as utilizing links can help grow your audience, you have to ensure that you use links that are trustworthy. The links you provide in your content should always lead to a reputable site that provides useful information.

As advised by, using brand links on your social media platforms is a game changer. Brand links indicate the custom domain name of the website. Hence, your followers get to know what they are clicking on.

Be Open And Transparent With Your Followers

By ensuring and operating within the confines of transparency and accountability, you will be able to earn trust from your followers. Followers and customers are able to tell between brands that are exercising transparency and those that are not.

This is imperative even when it comes to admitting mistakes. Promptly follow up on the mistake and rectify it adequately. The more honest and open you are, the more your brand can identify with you.

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